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    I am a freelance writer, located just outside of Washington D.C., and have written lifestyle, technology, history, and travel pieces for a variety of publications including Washingtonian, Texas Monthly, UndarkVirginia Living, Halfway Down the Stairs, and Wilderness House Literary Review.

   My work has given me the chance to accompany Senator Mark Warner on the campaign trail, tour the Great Dismal Swamp on a fan boat, meet the Soviet Union's Shirley Temple, watch engineers slam a brand new Mini Cooper into a concrete barrier, and witness a septuagenarian author smuggle fresh rolls out of a restaurant in her purse. (I didn’t narc.)

    A longtime resident of Virginia, I have a passion for history as well as issues affecting the Mid-Atlantic area, and I enjoy how my work allows me to learn more about both.


You can get in touch with me via the following:

E-mail: mac.carey9[at]gmail[dot]com
Follow me on Twitter @MacCarey1

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