Below is a sample of my magazine work in print and pixels. 

"10 Facts about Joshua Tree National Park"

Mental Floss, September 2021

Joshua Tree National Park has always had a glamorous cachet—it is, after all, just two hours away from Los Angeles, so it's no surprise the park has a fascinating history filled with Hollywood-style drama.

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"Spy Camp"

World War II Magazine, January/February 2021

Prince William Forest Park has 37 miles of hiking trails—and a secret OSS past.


"Parabon Labs is Having Huge Success Solving Cold Cases, and That's Just the Start"

Washingtonian, January 2020

"A Beat of Her Own"

Virginia Living, December 2017

Defying expectations at every step in her career, Teresa Reichlen's path as a dancer has been anything but typical.

"Crash Town U.S.A."

Virginia Living, August 2016


In Ruckersville, cars vie for the Academy Award of the automotive industry-- "Top Safety Pick."

"An Unhidden Gem"


Virginia Living, June 2016

Great Falls is battling to remain a rural redoubt against the tidal wave of Northern Virginia development. But how long can the tony enclave hold out?

"More Curveballs for the Loudoun Hounds Baseball Club"

Northern Virginia Magazine, May 2016

The long-awaited team faces more obstacles in its attempt to bring baseball to Loudoun County.


"Swim Back in Time" 

Virginia Living, August 2014

Before the chlorinated sanitation of symmetrical swimming pools and the roar of neon waterslides, cooling off on a scorching summer day meant heading off to the nearest swimming hole. And it still can.

"The Green Island"

Virginia Living, November 2011

A private-public partnership is working to protect the enigmatic swamp that has captured Virginians' imaginations for centuries.


"Five Things You Don't Know About Ikea (But Should!)"


 Mental Floss Blog, August 2009

So, just how popular is IKEA? It’s estimated that 10% of living Europeans were conceived on an IKEA-produced bed. It’s time you learned a little more about the company and its reclusive owner.


"Three Red Roses and a Bottle of Cognac"

Literary Traveler, 2009

Every year, out of a cold Baltimore night, in the dead of winter, a nameless man appears at the old Westminster Burying Grounds, places three red roses and a bottle of cognac on the grave of the cemetery's most famous occupant, and disappears as wordlessly as he came.


"Turkey: In the Shadow of Ataturk"

Pology, January 2007

His face peers out from above my desk at work; he watches me in the bank line, following me on my daily errands. Ever since I arrived to teach and live in Turkey, I have felt the constant presence of one man, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of modern Turkey.