About Me

      I have long had a passion for history as well as issues affecting the Mid-Atlantic area and I enjoy how my  work allows me to learn more about both. I also love a good mystery, from Agatha Christie to Daphne du Maurier, and this extends to history's unsolved puzzles, anything involving secret plots aboard sinking ships, incognito duchesses, or hidden treasure.

      As a freelance writer with more than a decade of experience,  I have created and edited a variety of articles for publications such as Mental Floss, Washingtonian, Virginia Living, Columbia, Mysteries, and Northern Virginia Magazine. 

      For the past several years I have also worked as  a technical writer and editor for several government contractors. As a result I am well versed in government editorial guidelines as well as The Chicago Manual of Style. I have created and edited press releases and other promotional materials for several companies, ranging from tech startups to military contractors and non-profits. I love helping to develop new businesses and being a part of the discovery and evolution of their identities.

      I have a Bachelor of Arts in English with honors from George Mason University, with a concentration in non-fiction writing and editing. I am also an active member of the Virginia Writers Club and an associate member of Mystery Writers of America.